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Hodge join the fight to stop abuse of older people in Wales


‘Over a million older people experience abuse or neglect in the UK every year’

Hourglass is the only UK charity dedicated to ending harm, abuse and exploitation of older people. Hourglass Cymru works tirelessly throughout Wales; promoting a society where we can all grow old feeling safe and secure and without fear of abuse. 

Our partnerships are absolutely vital to us here in Wales. They enable us to continue our work; lobbying for change, promoting safer ageing and stopping the abuse of older people. 

Covid-19 control measures will create a “pressure cooker” for the abuse of older people

Hourglass' CEO Richard Robinson made a statement for The National on the impact of new government measures on older people in Scotland, citing new research showing that 25% of people in Scotland fail to see “acts of domestic violence directed towards an older person” as abuse.


Care Quality Commission releases report Promoting sexual safety through empowerment

Full report available: here


Older women disproportionately affected by sexual incidents in social care - Hourglass welcomes regulator’s call for change


Hourglass welcomes news that Sinn Féin and the DUP have re-entered devolved government in Northern Ireland

We at Hourglass welcome the news that Sinn Féin and the DUP have re-entered devolved government in Northern Ireland after three years of deadlock - all parties can now start delivering the much-needed reforms to our public services and restore public confidence in devolved government. In particular, we were pleased to hear of the promised reforms to health and social care, but we urge the government to implement adult safeguarding legislation as part of this commitment.

Discounted professional wills

We are delighted to be able to offer reduced price wills from respected Scottish solicitors, McEwan Fraser Legal. Not only are you protecting your inheritance and your loved ones, but the full amount you pay will be donated directly to Hourglass.

The suggested donation amount is for a professional will is £200 (although you cannot less if you wish), and the full amount will go towards supporting the work of Hourglass.

Scottish Parliament Justice Committee consider the abuse of older people

In February 2019, the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee began taking evidence on the nature, extent and prosecution of the abuse of older people.