Research is a key facet of the work undertaken by the research and policy team here at Hourglass, and it allows us to illuminate and uncover integral data and factors linked to the abuse of older people and safer ageing.


Hourglass’s research component encompasses long form research reports, briefing notes, and key trend and pattern analysis. Hourglass also collaborates with academics, other stakeholder organisations, and independent researchers to broaden the scope and reach of our work. See below for our latest research, statistics, practical guidance, briefings and evaluations. 

Hourglass policy domestic abuse briefResearch Paper by Amanda Warburton-Wynn

Sexual Violence and Assault against Older People in Hospitals in England

Hourglass has worked with Researcher Amanda Warburton-Wynn to publish new findings on sexual violence and assault against older people in hospitals.

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Hourglass policy domestic abuse briefResearch Paper by Hourglass

Safer Ageing - What does growing old in the UK look like?

Research produced by Hourglass in 2020 revealed that more than a fifth of the UK public have personally experienced abuse as an older person (65+) or know someone who has been abused.

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Safer ageing index part 1: ResearchResearch - Growing old under lockdown 2020

Older Voices of the Pandemic: What life under lockdown has been like for you.

In order to better understand the human voices behind the data, and hear the lived experiences of older people during the pandemic, subsequent lockdowns and periods of restrictions, Hourglass commissioned a UK-wide poll seeking the views of older people.

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Safer ageing index part 1: ResearchResearch - December 2021

The Safer Ageing Index Part 1: Last in line: the lack of profile and commitment on the abuse of older people.

After a year and a half of living through lockdowns, being isolated from families, friends and loved ones, being confined to homes, stark new findings from Hourglass show that older people, at heightened risk from the virus, social isolation and neglect, have been deprioritised by government and beyond.

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Hourglass_hodge_Bank_economic_abuse_awarenessResearch -  September 2021

Hourglass and Hodge Bank's Economic Abuse Survey.

In September 2021, Hourglass and Hodge Bank collaborated on a survey to gain insights into the scale of financial/economic abuse, and the impact of the digital divide.

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