The Green Party endorse OATH

The Green Party is the latest to endorse landmark Safer Ageing OATH


02/07/2024: Hourglass, the safer ageing charity, is delighted that the Green Party support the OATH campaign to end abuse and neglect of older people. The Green Party in England and Wales has become the latest political party to endorse OATH. The ‘Older Age Tomorrow’s Hope’ campaign, pledges to create a Safer Ageing Society and to end abuse and neglect of older people by 2050. It has seen upwards of 500 candidates and influencers sign in recent weeks.


The Greens join Sinn Féin who declared their support for the campaign, while the Democratic Union Party have made commitments to tackle abuse of older people in their manifesto.


OATH has been created by Hourglass, the only UK-wide charity supporting older abuse victim-survivors and runs a 24/7 helpline and casework service. The OATH campaign calls on everyone in all walks of life to fight against the abuse, harm, exploitation and neglect of older people


Along with two parties formally supporting this campaign, candidates from all major political parties have now signed up to this campaign. There is a growing consensus that we should all live in a society which is safe place to grow old independently and free from harm and abuse.  


With two days left of the 2024 General Election Campaign, Hourglass urges all other political parties to endorse this campaign.


Hourglass has written to all Party Leaders contesting the General Election asking that their party sign up to OATH. Hourglass believes there should be a consensus on the need to end abuse of older people and that policy makers from across the political spectrum must work together to achieve this.


The charity, which supported almost 50,000 people in the last year, is also calling on the general public, influencers, third sector leaders, care professionals and businesses to also sign up. They can do so here:


Carla Denyer Green Party co-leader, said:


'' Ensuring the safety and dignity of our older population is paramount; they deserve to age in an environment free from abuse, exploitation and neglect. We must all commit to creating a society where everyone can grow old safely. This is why the Green Party is supporting OATH”


Veronica Gray, Deputy CEO of Hourglass, said:


“We are delighted with the initial support we have received for our OATH campaign. We are especially pleased that the Green Party has joined Sinn Féin in signing up to this movement for a safer ageing society.


“OATH is about building a Safer Ageing Society by 2050 where older people can grow old free from abuse and neglect. We hope that in the next parliament we will see a consensus on safer ageing where critical steps are made by policy makers to support older victim survivors.”


The charity is urging those keen to support the charity to donate by visiting or Text SAFER to 70460 to donate £10.

Texts cost £10 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £10 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text SAFERNOINFO to 70460.  





Veronica Gray, Deputy CEO

Mobile no: 07496 663816


Notes to editors

About Hourglass
Hourglass is a UK-wide charity with a presence in all four nations. It aims to protect and prevent the abuse of vulnerable older people by raising awareness of the issues, encouraging education and giving information and support to those in need. It has the only national freephone helpline dedicated to this cause, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 0808 808 8141 for confidential support and information.