Safer Ageing Index England

Hourglass, the only charity focused on the abuse and neglect of older people in the UK has released a revolutionary Safer Ageing Index in partnership with the Hallmark Foundation. This study highlights the challenges people face when growing old in England. 

This, the first Safer Ageing Index for England, highlights how the most vulnerable generation of people, so deeply affected by the pandemic and now the economic crisis, have another battle on their hands. And that is to live in a society that understands and flexes to the needs of an ageing society. 

This Index, which will be re-issued every year, is a wakeup call to parliamentarians, local government  and other influencers and policy-makers that older people cannot be the last in line. The charity, underlines that a Safer Ageing Agenda should be prioritised to ensure older people can continue to contribute both socially and economically to the English infrastructure.

saienglandSafer Ageing Index England

The Safer Ageing Index for England, which suggests significant issues in the South West and North of England, underlines that addressing the needs and challenges faced by the growing population of older adults is crucial in creating a Safer Ageing Society. This includes providing adequate housing options, healthcare services, social support, and combating social isolation to ensure a better quality of life for older people across England.