What we stand for


We are Hourglass, the only UK-wide charity dedicated to calling time on the harm and abuse of older people.

At Hourglass and through our helpline, we work for safer ageing and a fairer society.

It’s time to wake up and speak out on older abuse.

If you share our vision, why not become a member of the charity, volunteer to help us, or make a donation to our work.

Visions an aims


We aim to:

1.    We will end the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people
2.    We will work to improve the criminal justice response to crimes against older people
3.    We believe in tougher sanctions for those who harm or abuse older people
4.    We will make the abuse of older people as socially unacceptable as child or animal abuse
5.    We believe that older people deserve to be safe within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust
6.    We will work to improve the statutory response to safeguarding older people experiencing or at risk of abuse.

By 2023 Hourglass pledges:

•    To seek to raise £2 million to campaign for safer ageing
•    That our life-changing helpline will be a 24/7 service across all four nations
•    That we will support 10,000 older victims of abuse, harm or exploitation
•    That we will provide pro bono legal support for at least 1,000 abuse cases per year
•    To be the leading and most impactful provider of services, programmes and support in the UK for older people who have suffered abuse
•    At least 75% of all our income will go directly to changing the lives of victims of abuse/harm of older people or fighting for changes to legislation